Network Services

Care and Feeding of your Connectivity.

Your network, whether wired, wireless, or a mix of both is the “glue” that connects your computers to your files and resources and to your world. How well the network performs determines your every computing experience in the office, and whether your computer investment works for or against you during your business day.

Secure Backup for Servers and Services – Expect the Best:Prepare for the worst !

Your network allows you to prepare for the worst! A good network allows you to backup your data from each pc or mac to a central place that can be on site, off site, or a hybrid of both. Let us help you determine what key data is held where, and how much of it you want to keep and for how long, and we will do the rest.


Reduce the Clutterunified network

Kesem can show you tools to help reduce the amount of duplicated data you have on the network itself. Once we know where the duplicates are we can eliminate costly mistakes by having only ONE copy of the most current data for you and your staff need to do their work.


Make your Network Work for YOU!

network bubble

A properly configured network can enable you to do more in less time, to keep your staff organized and on ‘the same page’ (literally !) by enabling services for everyone. You can walk up to your copier, drop in a pile of paper, press the button, and when you get back to your seat the PDF is created and stored in the right place for you or for everyone to see. Realizing the economy of centralized resources that are network attached reduces equipment clutter, reduces the need for redundant storage, the number of copies of the same document you have, and helps you be more efficient.


Unify Your Networkcloud network

Unifying your network means several things. It means you can run several kinds of data over the same wires (data, voice, video) and it means tying together your many endpoints into a single or ‘unified’ resource. If you are at your customer’s site and need access to your resources, we can do that, securely. If you want to enable your security system and voice (VoIP) services but assure┬áthat your voice traffic gets ‘first in line’ over data and video, we can make that happen. After all, when talking to your client you want the highest quality voice ┬áreproduction – so you don’t want your print job to make the voice sound ‘choppy’ or ‘jittery’. That’s actually an easy thing to do.

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