Get The Most Out of Your Business

We help you focus on the things that ONLY YOU can do.

If you are like me, you are pulled in way too many directions in a given day. The last thing you need to to worry about or think twice about is you information technology and systems.

We are A Part of Your Teammeeting 3

As the small business owner you can perform some or even many of these tasks. But is that really the best use of your time? Successful business owners and entrepreneurs delegate the things they might be able to do in place of the things that only they can do. (We can fix your computer, we can’t get you new customers!)


Boost Your Machines’ Potentialfixing comp

Kesem’s technicians can repair or upgrade your computer. If you suddenly find that the ‘on’ button has no impact we can fix that. We can upgrade your PC to rejuvenate its performance and return it to that ‘out of box’ experience, but, of course it has all your data still on it! An inexpensive but effective upgrade is replacing the current hard drive with a SSD drive that has no mechanical components. PC’s are literally 5 times faster or more after this is installed and there is no difference in your desktop, programs, or data. All you get is speed! Call us today for a quote.



Tailored to Youit

We don’t try to sell you a suite of services you may not need or use. We don’t make you fit our business model. Your business is different from the next, and how you use technology, your ability to adopt and absorb technology in your business, are unique and different than the next business. That’s why it has to be personalized.



Support Staff Like None Othertech support

Our senior staff, which is 80 percent of the firm, has a minimum of 15 years experience. If I tell you how many years our most experienced members have, well, that would be, uhm.. what was it I was just saying?  Let’s just say 30+ years…

In all seriousness, what this means to you is we help you avoid a lot of mistakes (common and not so common), mistakes we have seen and have learned from, mistakes that we’ll never make again, mistakes you’ll never have to experience.

Yes, we are certified, yes we keep current, but you cannot replace ‘hard knocks’ or get that in the classroom. Our support staff tracks what we did, when we did it, and what your specific installation conditions are in your office. That way, any of our staff can help.

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