Medium Business

Medium Sized Business:

You’re busy. Clients, vendors, employees, deadlines. You DON’T need technology problems. You need technology that works for you, all the time, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. You need a technology partner who clearly outlines the pros and cons of today’s decisions for tomorrow’s growth.

  • At 5 to 15 employees – technology is critical
  • Dedicated file server or cloud services; Security is CRITICAL
  • Business continuity planning required to remain viable for your customers
  • Website is part of your business growth strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your web/social media presence

Network Servicesnetworking

Your partner needs to be well versed in smaller networks, how to segregate voice and data traffic for maximum quality and network speed, what it takes to give you the most value from your other services (email, VoIP, anti spam and so on). You need security services to keep your network and your neighbor’s network isolated, to provide safe and secure browsing BOTH for staff and for guests who visit, regular vendors and the like. What about backups of workstations as well as your server? Wondering if you need a server – perhaps you need only share files in a secure manner? What about when I leave the office, is there a way to get to my data without needing to be in the office? These network service and computer services questions should not keep you up at night. We can help make sense of the technologies that can fit your needs and budget.


Get the Most Out of Your Businesshelping

If it doesn’t provide value, why bother? It makes no sense to put $250 in ‘rebuild labor’ into a 2 year old PC when a newer, faster unit with more resources might be as cheap as $325. We go through these types of cost-benefit analysis¬† each time we engage for you to make sure what we do makes sense for you and to us! ‘Value’¬† it is said is the intersection of price and performance. We think both big and small picture to make sure we always hit that intersection for you.


Web and Email HostingServer

Kesem began in 2000 as a web applications and web hosting firm. We were early providers of Windows hosting for web and SQL services. We still offer those services as well as hosted Microsoft Exchange, MS Lync, and Voice over IP (VoIP) services via partnerships with the industries premier providers with guaranteed service level agreements.



Take a look at some of our client success stories. We have 15 years of excellent client support stories and client satisfaction stories to tell.



Frequently Asked QuestionsTangled

Look here for answers to many frequently asked questions that may help you now!

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