Your Very Own CIO

The CIO (chief information officer) evaluates technology to assure that it supports the strategic and operational goals of the company

desktop iconsKeeping things running on a day to day basis is certainly important and necessary. However, you need also to have someone to view technology decisions from the “10,000-foot level” as well. Someone to make sure there is a clear path to support the business goals. Someone to evaluate if the services you buy are the best ‘bang for the buck’. Kesem can perform that service for you

There’s more to technology today than ever before and there is more technology as well!

Office internet, smartphones, tablets, portable computing, cloud services… all these things are available but do you need them? Are you getting the best deal from your mobile phone vendor? Why are there cost overruns? Does this printer work with my current and planned computers already in the office?

Are we doing what we need to do to protect our data? Do we have a business continuity plan? Do we have a disaster recovery plan? What’s the difference?

These questions are best answered by a professional with both operational and strategic experience. Someone who is vendor agnostic, who’s dedication if to you.

That’s us!

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