Network Security

The first step in keeping your data safe is a well designed and protected network!

Kesem provides network design, network installation, firewall and security services, as well as implementation and testing services to help make your network is fast and secure. Our view of network security encompasses not just the ‘outside’ of your business but what is allowed in as well.

Email Securitycomputer bubble

Our hosted Exchange service provide robust anti-virus and anti-phishing protection, as well as anti-spam protection as well. The best secured networks still get e-mail and e-mail remains the best delivery agent for viruses and ‘trojan horse’ type exploits that ensnare dozens of businesses daily.


Web Securitylock on keyboard

Our selected anti-virus and firewall product is available as a stand-alone install or as part of a monthly Managed Service offering. This offers your outstanding protection against compromised web sites and in the unlikely event an e-mail with a virus has gotten thru to your computer.


Server Securityfirewall

The heart of your network, your server, can’t be too secure. However, you must balance security AND performance, as every transaction affects all your users. Our expertise as a hosting firm comes in to play here, providing you with extensive knowledge in server security implementation.


Secure Backup Serversfile lock

Kesem installs several third party backup solutions, depending on the network size,complexity and any regulatory compliance you may need. In all cases, any external data storage is scrambled, encrypted, or both, depending on your specific needs.Further, all solutions allow for and indeed are designed for off site archiving. Depending on your needs, this can be manual, automatic, or automatic and cloud based.


Confidentiality Mattersfile secure

We understand that your reputation is supported by and could be impacted by our actions. Kesem and it’s employees provide and or sign confidentiality agreements with all clients. You get the protection of personal assurance that we understand your data is YOUR data, and that we look at it, handle it, and back it up with maximum confidentiality.

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