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Kesem’s processes and procedures work for larger clients as well. Our capabilities allow us to monitor and maintain literally hundreds of PC’s and servers with reliability, monitoring to anticipate and prevent problems prior to their having an impact on you. We customize our CRM system to provide you with full reports and notifications of all support requests, status and resolutions as they happen. Kesem’s senior management has experience as CIO for a 200 employee membership group, and so understands the needs of a larger organization and the more formal IT structure it requires.

Network SecurityNetwork Security

Key to success in delivering IT services is first and foremost, security. That means stopping e-mail threats before they actually enter your premises. It means analyzing and stopping viruses as they stream into your office from unsuspecting websites. It means having the right reporting tools in place to monitor traffic and unusual events. It means allowing accesses via secure and verifiable means no matter where in the world you are. It means communicating to employees how to spot a ‘bad’ email that on first glance looks ‘good’. Kesem does all this by using the right equipment, process, and staff to build your secure network.


Your Very Own CIOManaged Services Pic

Kesem’s CEO was formerly IT director for a 200 employee lobby/membership group serving and communicating to 50,000 plus members. The strategic and long term planning, budget impact, training requirements, assessments and C-suite experience is provided to you as a customer, or can be contracted to assist in the planning of your own IT support systems. We are happy to provide those services on a consulting basis independent of any services contract or arrangement you currently have in place.


Web and Email HostingDataboard

Kesem began in 2000 as a web applications and web hosting firm. We were early providers of Windows hosting for web and SQL services. We still offer those services as well as hosted Microsoft Exchange, MS Lync, and Voice over IP (VoIP) services via partnerships with the industries premier providers with guaranteed service level agreements.



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