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Small office support that rivals ‘big office’ attention

As a small business, you have generally too many things to do and too few ‘arms and legs’ to do them with. Your size does not necessarily mean that you don’t need enterprise level solutions. As a re-seller for many global solutions providers such as Dell, Sonicwall, Egnyte, Intermedia, Thawte, and others, we are in a unique position to provide big firm solutions at affordable rates and that with the support you need.

Diligent ExecutionDiligent Execution

As important as solution selection, execution needs to be well planned and performed from beginning to end. So our first step is to listen. We do not assume you are ‘like everyone else’. While we may have many solutions at our disposal, there’s only one combination that fits your needs, budget and ability to absorb technology. Let us know how we can help.




We’re no longer viewing internet connectivity as a luxury, it’s a requirementTelecommunications to conduct business. From e-mail to sharing critical files for your business from vendors and customers,this piece of your business infrastructure is critical. What do you expect from your telecommunications vendor these days? Are you trying to achieve both phone and data services from the same vendor? Are you getting the committed data rates you pay for?

Kesem’s experience and common sense approach will help you move to the next level you seek, regardless of what that is. Contact us for a free consultation.

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