What Kind of Business are YOU?

Are you a small business with perhaps a few employees, working from a home or small office?

  • Does your filing system consist of e-mail folders and spreadsheets, faxes, and/or PDF files that were primarily delivered to your e-mail inbox?
  • Are you having trouble making sure all that e-mail, files and folders are the same no matter if you use your tablet at home, your PC at the office, your Notebook or Laptop in the field?
  • Would you like a way to have full access to your files no matter where your are and have those changes be the same everywhere as well?
  • Do you find yourself frustrated with not getting your e-mail on your mobile device quickly?
  • Ever been ‘bit’ by malware and wondered how long you were going to be ‘down’ and how much data you would lose, and if it would happen again?
  • How about your telephone? (Remember that!)  Would you like your office phone number to follow you wherever you go as opposed to giving out your office number and cell phone number to everyone?

(If you think you have to budget the equivalent of a new-car payment for these capabilities, think again, and look here.)

Are you a medium sized business growing to the point where you need a little more structure in the way you handle your data and communications needs?

  • Do you need both central file storage as well as mobile access to these files?
  • How about group e-mail lists that are updated in one place and reflect for all your staff? Automatically.
  • Do you want to keep employees from spending too much time on social media and shopping sites?
  • How about telephone service that has time of day greetings (business hours, lunch time, after hours)
  • Does your web site need to function as more than just a brochure?
  • Do you need a customer or member ‘portal’ to store and retrieve files too big to send by e-mail?
  • Do you wonder if your employees personal devices are infecting your computers accidentally?
  • Are you looking for a little more control and visibility of your technology and information assets?
  • Who ‘has your back’ when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity planning and implementation?

If this sounds like you, read more here.

Are you a LARGER BUSINESS where you have formal technology structures in place but:

  • Your CFO is running IT and Finance and it might be at the expense of both?
  • You know you have compliance requirements but don’t know exactly what they are or how to meet them?
  • You have concerns that people may accidentally have access to data and information they shouldn’t have access to?
  • You wonder why the internet suddenly seems so slow?
  • You want to make sure that your systems are backed up but haven’t thought about testing to see if those backups work or have the data you need?
  • You need some part time professional staff but can’t afford to hire a ‘full timer’?
  • You have an IT staff, but projects seem to take too long – you could use some extra arms and legs for the simple stuff while your staff works on business critical projects?
  • You’d like to get a second opinion of possible solutions from someone who’s not ‘so close’ to the problem or the business?
  • You have critical operations and no trained backup – you’d like to find someone to fill in for your ‘key person’ while on vacation?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind or keep you up at night, we can help – read more here.

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