The Small Law Firm

The small law firm business model is one of our primary focuses at Kesem. We understand that your access to data is critical and that you (and your client) need to know your information, communication and data are safe, reproducible, and secure. All information, communication, and sensitive data are safe, secure, and can be replicated in the event of a data disaster.

As one example of something we recognize as unique to law firms that many other IT companies don’t:
What you have decided NOT to do or to accept as a case is as important and as potentially risky as what you decide to do!

Not many other types of businesses have the same potential risk as you when turning down work. Just understanding that aspect of your business gives us better insights to help you make better decisions on IT matters.

We offer

  • Tips, pointers, and training to raise the sensitivity of staff as to what they need to look for to prevent data breach or infection or compromise.
  • Secure messaging package with :
    • Hosted Exchange e-mail
    • Built in archiving
    • Policy based message encryption automated – activated automatically by policy based on content of message or attachment
    • Anti-Virus scrubbing of all in and out bound e-mail
  • Client-owned equipment support
    • Managed Support for Workstation and Servers
    • Managed backup and cloud storage of backups
  • Secure remote access:
    • Firewall configuration of existing devices
    • Firewall rental or sales
    • Secure wireless access in office
  • Cloud file storage and access
    • Secure cloud storage
    • Hybrid cloud solution (in-office storage coupled with automated cloud backup/sync)
    • Clients or consultant need not subscribe just to share files
    • Can provide full mirror of all in office files for cloud access
  • Application support for:
    • Time Slips
    • Lexis Concordance
Positive SSL Wildcard