Business Support and Tech Services

The bulk of our business is supporting your business, regardless of where it is located.

Kesem provides full service or time and materials service for your computer, laptop, server, network, firewall, home or office environment. We can provide a fully outsourced solution, fully managed solution, on-demand or on-call program, or a ‘modified combination’ of those things to meet your needs and budget.

Managed and Monitored Support

We provide a management agent to install on your computer to provide managed anti-virus, managed monitoring of key services and parameters, and remote access to see what you are doing and what went wrong. We include support time as well with this service to provide the highest value for you. This is available for PC desktops, Mac’s and Windows servers.

Managed Support With Block of Hours

When you have multiple servers doing jobs in your environment and/or you have a large number of workstations and you know you’re going to need more help that just the baseline support, we tailor our hours to your needs over and above the standard allocation in RMM above.

Fully Outsourced IT Department

Kesem can provide your IT department as a turn-key operation, where we provide staff, backup staff, process, procedure, documentations, and metrics to assure you have technology support that is measurable, supportable, and customize-able. Our staffing model for help desk and senior tech support might be cost effective for your operation considering we train primary (and secondary) technicians to support you, provide redundancy, management, and oversight either on or off premises.

On Demand or On Call Support

You need not send us a check every month to have a continuing relationship with us. We can be your on call support group and we will keep our notes about your operation, equipment, needs, and issues. We like to say that you need not have a continuous relationship to have a continuing relationship with Kesem.

CIO Services

Do you have a support team in place but need some help with technology advocacy? Someone to review proposals? Ask the hard questions and make sure you are getting top value for your technology dollar? Do you feel you need some help in making sure you have an overall direction to have technology meet the needs and mission of your business? We can assist with Chief Information Officer or Chief Technical Officer consulting.

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