Technical Support

For over 15 years Kesem has provided support for small business like yours, offering a variety of  services necessary to keep you productive, safe and  up to date. Here’s the core of our services in this area.


Most critical is protecting your data fro malicious or disastrous circumstance. Backup is a procedure that makes copies of your data so no content ever disappears. Kesem offers several backup schemes and product to fit your way of working.

  • Continuous Backup: Using Securisync you get real-time data protection that automatically captures and saves every single modification to your computer’s data. Files can be restored at anytime!
  • Disaster Recovery: This is a more far-reaching type of backup where you consider how you would reproduce the data and the functions your computers perform in your business. Here we look at programs, data, hardware, and work out a mechanism where you can reproduce all the necessary functions on your business in the case of a full-on disaster. Products such as AOMEI Backupper and Backup Exec, and Microsoft’s own backup program perform this function.

Remote Monitoring and Management:

Kesem has partnered with LogicNow – the leading provider of ‘small-footprint’ monitoring software to allow us to monitor the health and well-being of your desktop or laptop or server. ‘Small footprint’ means it uses very little machine resources so it does not interfere with or slow you system down.

What it does is send us key health metrics and data about the status of your antivirus definitions, system patch level, disk utilization and other information to let us know or predict problems. If we see your disk space suddenly get used up, we call. If we see your antivirus updates are not updating, we call.


Anti-Spam / Antivirus Service Program Installation:

Anti spam and anti virus services scans and filters your incoming mail to ensure e-mail is delivered virus free, and helps reduce or eliminate unwanted marketing and solicitation e-mail. These products can be stand-alone, centrally managed and update or remotely managed and updated.

Managed Anti-Virus:

In this scenario, we install an industry standard anti-virus product on your PC and monitor that you have the most recent ant-virus definitions, that the program is running, and the results of any scans or threats it found in the course of its work. As experienced technicians, we understand how to protect against external and internal threats and how to prevent (and remove) mal-ware and viruses. We know the most cost effective way to protect your organization, whether one or 100 employees, from the problems of being part of the ‘world wide web’ and the ‘Internet.’


PC Configuration/Install:

Getting a new pc is a great thing, but putting all your programs on it and then moving your data to it is a pain, and time consuming.

We can make that pain go away! We can pre-install your business applications and move your data, shortcuts, saved web links, all of it, from your old to your new pc. And then, we’ll put your old hard drive into your new pc for you, so in case anything was missed, the data is right there. Nothing lost; it’s all right there, without a doubt.

Server Support:

Kesem started as an application development firm in 2000. We started supporting our own servers, then shared servers for hosting clients, then supporting individual servers for clients in their offices. We monitor, patch, and maintain your server, making sure backups are happening, and that server ‘health’ is maintained to appropriate and adequate levels.

Firewalls and Firewall Configuration:

Firewalls are a critical component to any network security. Kesem establishes a secure firewall to control and block and unwanted access/traffic to individual computers. Kesem is certified with SonicWall as a partner and also installs the open-source PFSense firewall.

Remote Access- VPN:

A virtual private network is a cost effective solution that allows individuals to remotely connect to a secure computer network. We can enable you and your employees to securely access their data regardless of where their internet connection is at that moment.


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