Hosting Options

Hosting? We’ve been doing that since hosting meant only ‘a web site’!

Since 2000, we’ve been providing ‘hosting’ and have evolved along with the term to offer many different types and complexities of hosting. We offer ALL the variations listed below – just contact us for pricing and further details. Please read on.

Shared Web Hosting

The ‘OG’ of hosting, where your web site is hosted along with others on one server – managed by us.

Shared Web Server

Here, you have what appears to be a dedicated server that is in fact a shared hosting arrangement but with more control by you. Here you have and configure your own ftp access, database and so on. Commonly called ‘C-Panel hosting’ for ‘control panel’ – runs your HTML or MySQL based content manager (WordPress, Drupal, etc..)

Dedicated Virtual Server

Here, we’re giving you an isolated server that is controlled via a hyper visor. We provide VMWare hosted environments, and can configure for you a basic server with dedicated CPU, RAM, Disk and Backup storage. Appropriate for a higher volume web site, or specialty application or where we are hosting your in-office server in our facility.

Dedicated Physical Server

Now, we have a dedicate piece of hardware just for you! You could yourself install a hype visor, or have us install a dedicated operating system and you in turn control and manage the rest. Or have us manage it and deliver your platform, configured for your use based on your criteria. This is a great way to have both a business continuity solution and disaster recovery solution for your business by ‘backing up’ your local server to our dedicated server. When necessary (and we hope it’s never) your data is current as of yesterday’s close of business.

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