Four Pillars of Protection (POP) for your Business

At Kesem Technology we try to make things easier for the small business owner. We try to simplify rather than complicate.

That’s why we’ve developed the framework we call “Four Pillars of Protection”.  It’s not sales stuff, it’s practical advice and a way to easily understand the common buzzwords and products that proliferate today.

We do have products and services to provide these ‘pillars’ as foundations to your technology security. But we’d rather you be educated and have a direction, and have some type of model to consider when you consider what your needs are. And we hope that we’ll be part of that discussion when you’re ready.

Our ‘foundation’ consist of four things:

  1. Security – different aspects of your network and desktops and laptops require different approaches and consideration for basic security
  2. Operational stability – equipment, networks, and printers and other devices need to work, all the time, reliably
  3. Preservation – what data do you need now and for the long run? What are your requirements and what are different solutions for them?
  4. Recoverability – in the event something ‘bad’ happens, how soon and to wheat level can you recover your work, your data, your installation and what are the considerations and options?

These to us are the four pillars of protection and we hope you find it easy to read and useful in determining your next steps.


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