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How do I set up Outlook or Apple Mail for my Exchange e-mail account?

For Outlook, on Windows 7/9 PC or Tablet go to Control Panel, then select ‘Mail (32 bit)’. Then select ‘Show Profile’ then ‘Add’ then fill in your e-mail address and your name and click next. If properly set up, the rest will be automatic!

For Apple mail, Android or iPhone mail, go to settings, then ‘accounts’ or ’email accounts’ , Add account, select ‘Exchange’ as account type, and enter your email address and password. That will do it!

If you have to manually add the account, the settings themselves are different an unique for each person and domain, so you’d best call for support – we can walk you through that and gather the data you need specific to you (except of course your password!)
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I printed a document and nothing came out. What’s up with that?

There’s usually a fairly simple answer to this one:

First, open the ‘Devices and Printers’ page from control panel (Hint: Press the ‘windows’ key and the letter ‘r’ together and then type in ‘control’ and press enter – this is a keyboard shortcut to open a command line and control panel is the program name.)

Now look at the various printer icons.  Double click on the printer you think your job was sent to. If you have more than one printer installed often the problem is that the printer selected at time of print is not the printer you are currently connected to.

Also check the printer cable and power to the printer, and if the printer has an alarm on it – like ‘paper jam’. If there is a ‘physical problem’ you need to clear that first….

If you double click on the printer icon you will see a status page and it will tell you if there are print jobs in the queue. Windows prints your output first to a temporary file on the computer and then pushes it to the printer. This temporary holding file is in the print queue. You need to click on the ‘documents in queue’ message to open the queue windows and check to see if prior print jobs are stuck. Simply click on the print job, which will have the name of the document you are printing, and hit the ‘delete’  key. Often if there are stuck jobs before your job – the next ones will start to print.

If the cables look ok, there’s paper in the device, no jams, and no stuck jobs but nothing prints, give us a call and we’ll help you out of a ‘jam’!


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When reading the web stats for my site, what’s the difference between hits, visitors, and page views?


A ‘hit’ is any access to the site – whether from a search engine, a human, or other ‘robot’ source. A visitor is a real visitor, and while they may only look at your home page, they are a visitor. A page view is just that – and may come from a visitor, or, may be served up as a hit on a search site. The combination of visitor and hits is an indication of how ‘sticky’ or engaging your site is. A few thousand visitors and tens of thousands of hits would imply that people come and stay for a while.

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