Meet the Kesem Technology Team

Marty Block

Marty started his professional computer career in 1980, when ten megabytes was more disk space than anyone could ever use, and 64 Kilo-bytes of ram was enough memory to launch a manned trip into outer space!

Marty has worked as a trainer/installer for computing systems, setting up and then conducting multi-day training seminars to teach “non-technical” users how to use the new programs they just bought. He spent 2 years in end user sales, 6 years as both the customer and dealer support manager helping users and re-sellers resolve problems.

Then, after several years as a programmer for both micro and mainframe computing environments focusing on database development, he served 10 years as IT director for a large membership lobby group in Washington D.C. supporting a 18mm/170 person enterprise. While having a deep and granular understanding of all the ‘technical stuff’ required to sell, maintain and support both IT products and users, he has spent about 90 percent of his 35 years in the customer service side in the computer industry. In 2000, he started Kesem Technology as a partnership and since 2003 has operated it as sole proprietor.

He completed coursework in Digital Electronics at Essex Community College, then earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science degree (with honors) in 1993 from the University of Maryland. At UMD he focused on software engineering management and minored in small business.

His business experience includes 15 years operating Kesem Technology, as well as service on the Board of Directors (Treasurer) for the Greenbelt Cooperative Inc. (a public stock corporation, formerly operators of Scan Furniture and the largest consumer co-op in the United States.) He has also served on the Board of The Vivaldi Project (a non-profit music education organization), and presently serves on the Board of the Regency Condominium Association.

Michael Gadue

Joined us as a senior network and server administrator in 2007. Michael has 20+ years of technical experience and is presently updating his certifications MCSE certification with a  ‘Microsoft Systems and Database Administrator’ certification. He helps our clients with Microsoft technology and has extensive experience with Exchange server and more recently VMware 4.x and 5.x platforms.

Eyal Meridach

Eyal is Kesem’s Operations Manager having earned that role in January of 2015. Eyal joined Kesem in 2013 to serve as our Help Desk and Tier One support Specialist. Eyal had a long career in the telephony segment of the IT industry installing large scale telephone answering systems around the globe. These systems are all based on a derivative of the Unix operating system, and so he brings a wealth of practical knowledge in Unix/Linux server administration and networking.

He is a graduate of Tel Aviv University with an Associates Degree in Computers and Electronics, and holds the Network+ and A+ certifications. He also served in the Israeli Air Force.

Sally Fowler

Sally is the voice of Kesem, and our first line of support for current and future clients. Her background includes customer relationship management for Accounting and other professional firms prior to joining Kesem in August of 2016. Ever cheerful and armed with a list of what to do today, tomorrow and seemingly forever, Sally helps us keep our commitments organized and scheduled and fulfilled.

Chris Beckwith

Chris joined Kesem in September of 2016 and has a background in both end user support and big data analysis. After a solid career in data analysis, Chris decided to make a change a year ago and switched from data analysis to help desk and support. After a year of training and experience providing support for a statewide non-profit, he’s joined us. Chris says that no matter how much tech there is, someone will need help with it, and he gets satisfaction from helping you over that hurdle or through that problem.

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