About Us

Kesem Technology, Washington DC based computer services

Kesem Technology is a full service computer support, network support, computer security, and web technology services company.

We are a unique blend of experience and strengths providing network and computer services, computer and network security services, strategic advice, web hosting, and e-mail services to help your company or organization manage and exploit technology to your best advantage.

Kesem started in 2000 as a web development firm. We then added web hosting to our portfolio if services because at the time, web hosting was poorly implemented and unreliable. Responding to customer demand, we then began offering e-mail services. And in 2002 we began providing full service computer, server, network, and IT consulting services to our clients.

We have 15 years of experience in implementing in-office computer an network technology, cloud data and cloud server solutions, and providing rock solid hosting for both web and e-mail purposes.

Give us a call today, or send an e-mail to President@kesem.net, and we’ll get right back to you to discuss your requirements and see if we can help.

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