Small and Home Office Solutions

What type of equipment do you need in your operation?

Different types of businesses have different needs and therefore require a thoughtful approach to solving those need without making it ‘more trouble than it’s worth’. And protection solutions are very affordable.

Anti Virus / Anti Malware Protection
SecurityThe most distressing development in general use computing, in our opinion, is ‘ransomware’. You get a file that has a virus, the virus downloads another virus or additional software, and eventually your data is encrypted and you have to pay a ransom to retrieve the key to your data! For hundreds of dollars. Or thousands! Via a combination of backups and real-time protection we can minimize the impact of such an event, and help try to prevent it in the first place by monitoring your equipment to make sure anti-vires and anti-malware is up to date and operating. Kesem’s managed services arrangement includes managed anti-virus and anti-malware along with security and operating system patching for as low as seven dollars a month! Ask us for a free consult.

Internet Solutions
We have worked with most of the major internet service providers in the region at one time or another. We understand the ‘lingo’ and what it really translates to for you the purchaser. You need to know why you may want Comcast or Allied Telecom instead. We understand your connectivity needs and we explore your pain point so you can decide what value proposition fits you. Do you want a service level agreement or is ‘residential service’ good enough for you? Are you considering Voice over IP and hosted PBX, or is your land line just fine? There are no wrong answers here – we help you consider your needs based on how you see these things affecting your business, Only you can make that call, and we help you make the best decision for you. Kesem’s can provide your hosted telephone service for as little as 30 dollars monthly for unlimited Nort American calling. BIG company features with small company pricing. Ask us about out Voice over Internet packages.

Computer SolutionsAssist
As a partner with Dell, and a reseller for HP, Lenovo, Asus, and many other brands we can deliver the best value proposition to you to that are appropriate to your needs. Architects have different needs for workstations than do attorneys or retail stores. We evaluate your needs and suggest appropriate technology to meet them. Our knowledge of best vendor for best fit and budget saves you time and money. Buy what you need, not just the latest ‘bells and whistles’. Contact us today for consulting on your hardware needs.

Backup and Archivingbackup
Even the smallest business has to keep backup data. We would argue that the smaller the business, the greater the need for recover-ability and archiving, since if you have to reconstruct your data, usually it is YOU who has to do it ! Depending on your comfort level and budget, we can provide you with what are now cheap and effective ways to have full recover-ability of your data bot on and off site. With Kesem’s ‘SecuriSync’ package, you never need to worry about your data being locked up by malware AND it’s available wherever you are. Contact us for cloud file services and backup today.

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