In the Industry?

Kesem Technology can act as your local ‘eyes,arms and legs’ to help service a client or remote office outside your geography. We’ll take your direction, assist in providing competent assessments and feedback, and mobilize whatever is necessary to assist your client. No, we won’t get in the way of your relationship, we’ll just help you help them.

If you’re a technology company and need a technology company to focus on and deliver in a specific area of technology for you, we’re most comfortable working with you. You’ll find us responsive, our communication will be concise and efficient, and we’ll get your work done. We often host infrastructure for government contractors, helping them keep their up-times high and overhead low by outsourcing care and feeding of their business servers and processes. Put your server at our secure data center. Let us handle your e-mail or firewall maintenance.

Give us a call and let’s see if we can leverage some of our capability and capacity for you.

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