Email Services

E-mail IS the lifeline of your business!

Kesem offers several different options for email for you, your employees, and your business.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the world’s currency of business communication. Exchange simplifies keeping track of your messages, appointments, tasks, and allowing you to share what you need to share with staff and clients.

Kesem offers hosted Microsoft Exchange backed by the worlds LARGEST PROVIDER of Exchange e-mail, Intermedia Exchange. We set it up for you, you instantly become more productive and in control.

Active Synch comes with each account, which pushes new emails and changes instantly to your device. Contacts, appointments, and more flow seamlessly back and forth.

Best of all, your any change made from anywhere! Desktop, mobile device, tablet, laptop, anywhere.. and it is instantly reflected and changed everywhere.

Broadcast E-mail

Kesem hosts multi-tenant broadcast email from Arial Software. The package is built from the ground up as a marketer’s email and analytics package. The package allows you to track a multitude of actions and responses. You can do things like:

  • Perform automated A/B (alternating message) testing,
  • Compose your HTML e-mails on screen in the product, so you need no HTML editor
  • Trigger the set up of a new previously but previously established follow on e-mail based on response or click-through selection;
  • Update SQL tables with results  and trigger stored procedures based on result input from user interaction
  • Determine ‘soft’ versus ‘hard’ bounce back results
  • Automate opt-out processing
  • Automate ‘forward and sign up’ processing
  • and many MANY more features.. too numerous to list here!

Connected to our MS-SQL 2012 server and Port25 MTA (message transfer agent), we can presently offer email delivery speeds in the 100’s of thousands per hour, and more with dedicated services and dedicated bandwidth.

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