Cloud Services

Kesem owns and hosts it’s cloud services – we live with the technology we sell.

We offer powerful solutions that are cloud based. While many companies resell cloud services for hosting and data storage, we are proud to say we have built some impressive infrastructure that we own and operate. Now, we don’t own the data center it’s in, but the equipment, configuration, and performance is on us. Yes, we can help you with Amazon, Microsoft, Egnyte, and others – we’ve partnered with what we think is best of breed for those services. We also host our own, and will give you the very best solution regardless of if that’s our platform or another, we provide the best solution for your needs.

Kesem’s Cloud Based Servers and Workstations

Kesem owns equipment and infrastructure provided by Nuvolat (formerly CloudFounders). We operate our servers in their environment allowing unprecedented reliability and up-time as well as zero-client windows desktops for dedicated workstation and server installations.

Using ONLY HTML5, our servers allow you desktop control an dues with no terminal services or ‘go to anything’ type client installation requirement. As long as you log in from a current browser, whether it be Mac or PC or -ix based system, you get the identical experience and functionality of being there wthout having to be there.

Moving files to and from the environment is a drag and drop operation, printing to where you are is seamless. If you want to see how easy and complete a cloud based PC is – you GOTTA TRY THIS !

Egnyte Cloud File Sharing

This US based service is the easiest and most secure cloud file sharing service available. A big claim, but we have yet to have anyone who uses it tell us it’s not the easiest and most versatile of the bunch. We love that all data centers are US based, eliminating that nagging question ‘my data may be in Ireland, how is that good for me?’. By having all data housed in the US in multiple data centers, at least the playing field is level and local and predictable. Capacities – 1 terabyte to start. Share data by e-mail link for folder or individual file access; establish read or read/write access to the file or folder and set the expiration date, and a password if you  wish for GUEST ACCESS. That is a level of control that’s hard to find elsewhere on one scree or on one click of the mouse.

Intermedia Securisync Real Time Backup

Securisync is the service from Intermedia that constantly backs up your pc files while you work. Real time file backup that is easy to use, integrates with MS Outloook and other office applications and makes it easy for you to have access to your data, anywhere,

Virtual Servers and ‘Constant Disaster Recovery’

As early adopters of virtualization, we’ve employed the best of breed solutions for backup of virtual environments. Not only can we convert your legacy systems to virtual environments and host them in our data centers, BUT we can also have convert them in your office and mirror backups to us. When disaster strikes, you simply use our copy of your server! nothing could be easier.

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