Our Specialties

Kesem offers a full range of technology and process consulting. We can help address that question of how to get the most of your existing technology or help you determine what you need to solve ‘that problem’ in your organization.

Backup is a procedure that makes copies of your data so no content ever disappears. This is a cost effective feature that allows you access to your original data if it is ever lost or damaged in anyway.

Business Continuity:
This can take several forms, but in general here are the different components of and different viewpoints and goals of business continuity planning.

  • On Site Backup: This is where you have a device or a PC or server set up to either actively initiate backups or as a place to store backups that initiate from the individual computers and servers on your network.
  • Continuous Backup: Real-time data protection that automatically captures and saves every single modification to your company data. Files can be restored at anytime!
  • Disaster Recovery: This is a more far-reaching type of backup where you consider how you would reproduce the data and the functions your computers perform in your business. Here we look at programs, data, hardware, and work out a mechanism where you can reproduce all the necessary functions on your business in the case of a full-on disaster.

Remote Monitoring and Management:
Kesem has partnered with LogicNow – the leading provider of ‘small-footprint’ monitoring software to allow us to monitor the health and well-being of your desktop or laptop or server. ‘Small footprint’ means it uses very little machine resources so it does not interfere with or slow you system down.

What it does is send us key health metrics and data about the status of your antivirus definitions, system patch level, disk utilization and other information to let us know or predict problems. If we see your disk space suddenly get used up, we call. If we see your antivirus updates are not updating, we call.

This is a free service from Kesem for our clients, whether you are on a service contract or not. We want your computer to work for you, 100 percent of the time.

Hosted Exchange (E-mail):
Exchange is a Microsoft e-mail technology that not only provides messaging, but collaboration among users for calendar, task, and contacts. In a corporate environment, it can transform both accountability and communication between and among staff

Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP Telephone):

Starting as low as 29.99 per month per line, you can have big company phone service and features for your firm. Primary or main number ring in to Auto Attendant, 3 digit transfer, voice-mail, time of day answering schemes (like direct to auto-attendant while reception is at lunch or a second phone in the office rings), ‘follow me’ where if no answer it transfers the call to your mobile number, and many many more features (click here for full list).

Anti-Spam / Antivirus Service:
Anti spam and anti virus services scans and filters your incoming mail to ensure e-mail is delivered virus free, and helps reduce or eliminate unwanted marketing and solicitation e-mail. These products can be stand-alone, centrally managed and update or remotely managed and updated

Managed Anti-Virus:
In this scenario, we install an industry standard anti-virus product on your PC and monitor that you have the most recent ant-virus definitions, that the program is running, and the results of any scans or threats it found in the course of its work. As experienced technicians, we understand how to protect against external and internal threats and how to prevent (and remove) malware and viruses. We know the most cost effective way to protect your organization, whether one or 100 employees, from the problems of being part of the ‘world wide web’ and the ‘Internet’.

Egnyte (File Sharing):
A secure file sync/manage/share service that is easily accessible through the cloud or files stored onsite. You can also take Egnyte anywhere you go, just by downloading the mobile app!

Internet Telephone (VoIP):
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an advanced technology service that allows you to make local, mobile, long distance, and even international calls over your internet connection. You get all the advantages of having a sophisticate phones system with no up-front equipment costs and competitive flat rate fees for North American service.

PC Configuration/Install:
Getting a new pc is a great thing, but putting all your programs on it and then moving your data to it is a pain, and time consuming.

We can make that pain go away! We can pre-install your business applications and move your data, shortcuts, saved web links, all of it, from your old to your new pc. And then, we’ll put your old hard drive into your new pc for you, so in case anything was missed, the data is right there. Nothing lost; it’s all right there, without a doubt.

Server Support, Hosting and Configuration:

Server Support:
Kesem started as an application development firm in 2000. We started supporting our own servers, then shared servers for hosting clients, then supporting individual servers for clients in their offices. Below are various server and server support options, but always remember, we can do this for you in your office. No worries.

Nuvolat (True Cloud Agent less Access):
Imagine, going to any PC or Mac connected to the internet, entering in your personal URL, and after providing login and password, your desktop is displayed in your browser. Now, imagine this is true without installing any helper software, programs, applications, and with the utmost of security and safety. Imagine dragging files from the browser to your desktop, or the other way around.

All your programs, all your data in a scale-able environment that is entirely HTML 5 generated. Nothing to install. Ever. It’s all there. It’s pretty incredible.

K-Hosting Dedicated Iron:
When we supply your server and host it at our data center, we call that dedicated hosting. Your own physical machine, to your specs, configured, tested, secured, in our data center. There are minimum commitment levels for this type of service, but you get connectivity, access, and dedicated horsepower for a flat rate, and none of the concerns or headaches of maintenance.

K-Hosting Virtual:
When you need a server and you are not necessarily concerned with a physical device, and you may need more or less horsepower in the future – a virtualized server is an excellent choice. Kesem provides Windows or Linux or CentOS environments under a VMWare hypervisor for your use. We can adjust resources as required. All VMWare environments are fully backed up, daily.

K-Hosting Dedicated Virtual:
Here, as immediately above, we supply a virtual environment but it’s installed on a dedicate server used only by you.

K-Hosting Applications:
Kesem couples it’s server support expertise to provide hosted Microsoft SQL-Server 2010/2012 as an application, as well as a multi-tenant version of Arial Campaign 2012. We can secure and host your applications as well.

Firewalls and Firewall Configuration:
Firewalls are a critical component to any network security. Kesem establishes a secure firewall to control and block and unwanted access/traffic to individual computers. Kesem is certified with SonicWall as a partner and also installs the open-source PFSense firewall.

Remote Access- VPN:
A virtual private network is a cost effective solution that allows individuals to remotely connect to a secure computer network. We can enable you and your employees to securely access their data regardless of where their internet connection is at that moment.

Website Support:
An ongoing service offered by Kesem to maintain and add on to your website. Your company’s website will be regularly updated with the latest plug-ins, patches, and security updates.With our 25+ years of experience, our tech team will provide support and guidance to make certain that your website is easy to implement, has no broken links, and is always up to date.


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